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Have a nibble whilst your meal is being prepared, Herb de Provence Green OLIVES   £ 3.60

BAGUETTES (generous size) choice of fillings with lettuce “BRIE & BACON” or “HOT BEEF ONIONS & chilli” or “Home cooked HAM” £ 7.40
SMOKED SALMON BAGUETTE or deliciously sweet PRAWNS       £ 9.20

Home cooked HAM two fried EGGS & CHIPS         £ 10.85

SPAGHETTI with LOBSTER, cherry tomatoes, garlic olive oil, lots of chopped parsley,half £ 18.00/whole £ 36.00

CATAPLANA Mussels stew with Chorizo Sausage Bacon Tomatoes Chilli Olive Oil Garlic Bay Leaf   £ 13.15

MOULES et FRITES. Farmed fresh Scottish Mussels poached with White Wine Shallots Garlic Butter & Parsley with Mayonnaise & thin chips           £ 11.80

CHISH &FIPS fresh fillet of Cod pinned and skinned, freshly caught daily from Brighton or Eastbourne area, Beer Battered deep fried & served with homemade Tartare Sauce £ 13.10   Mushy Peas  £ 2.00

Home made old fashion FISH CAKES  Cod Smoked Haddock Salmon and Whiting with Sweet Chilli sauce Mixed Salad & Chips £ 12.10

GREEN CROSS INN FISH PIE, Cod Smoked Haddock Prawns & Mushrooms Creamy white sauce topped with mashed potato & served with fresh vegetables £ 13.50

Warm CHICKEN salad, griddled strips of chicken breast, mixed Lettuce Leaves Chillies Avocado Potatoes Tomatoes & Olives £ 11.85

RACK of PORK RIBS BBQ sauce, the meat is sweeter closer to the bone, fingers and thumbs required, prepare to get messy, served with salad & chips £ 14.15

Extra mature RIB EYE steak 225gr.-8oz. Cooked to your liking with mushrooms tomato & chips  £19.85

Real French bread baked here at The Green Cross Inn & Salted Butter £ 1.30

Garlic Bread £ 3.95 Garlic Bread with Cheese £ 5.40  Garlic Bread with Cheese &Chilli £ 5.65

Our Mayonnaise and mayonnaise-based sauces are homemade with uncooked free-range fresh eggs. Should you experience intolerance to certain food ingredients please inform our personnel who will be able to advise for your concerns.


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